Add Yourself to FINDwalla

Are you a professional? Want to advertise on FINDwalla? Adding yourself to FINDwalla is simple, easy and free (for a basic profile). Click here to view a free profile example. Consumers see your name, address, phone and website URL and contact you directly. FINDwalla is not involved in the interaction between you and the consumers in any way except review verification. For added features including a description of your practice/business and additional images, you can buy a paid profile for just $120 per year. Click here to view a paid profile example. If you are ready to buy your ad, please make a payment here.

FINDwalla is about helping consumers find quality professionals. We believe that quality professionals should be rewarded and that is why we list them in the order of the rating they have received through reviews by actual clients. FINDwalla is different because we actually verify each review for authenticity before posting it. If a review cannot be verified to our satisfaction, we do not post it and it does not count towards the rating of the professional.

You can send us your business information here. We will promptly review your information and respond. If you have any questions or need help, please contact us.