About FINDwalla

FINDwalla is about helping consumers find quality professionals. Consumers can find geographically suitable professionals, see their reviews, contact information, website and contact them directly. FINDwalla is free for professionals to advertise (basic listing) and free for consumers to use.

  • We saw a need for consumers to be able to find local professionals they need online, in a simple straight forward manner they could trust.
  • Current review sites are ripe with review fraud where people can review “themselves” as “great”, and people can pay to get “great” reviews etc.
  • FINDwalla.com was born to meet this need of honest reviews.
  • FINDwalla helps consumers find individual professionals (physicians, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, accountants, realtors, etc.) near them.
  • Professionals are reviewed by consumers and may be contacted by FINDwalla regarding the review.
  • Each review must be verified to FINDwalla’s satisfaction before it makes it onto the FINDwalla website.
  • Professionals are listed in the order of their verified reviews ranking.
  • No one can pay to rank higher. The only way to rank higher is to have better verified reviews.
  • There is no charge for professionals to have a basic profile on FINDwalla. However, an advanced profile with more details about the professional’s business can be purchased. Read more here.
  • Professionals can also buy an ad to run next to search results. The ads will clearly state them as ads so consumers know the difference between search results ranked by reviews and ads by professionals who paid to have their ad appear next to search results.

If you are ready to advertise on FINDwalla, send us your information here. If you have any questions or comments, drop us a line and we will get back with you very soon. Hope FINDwalla helps you find the local professional you are looking for and if it does, spread the word and tell others about us. Thanks.